The Wolf of Gubbio Coloring Page

Free to print and color for personal use only.  Grab some crayons and enjoy!

~ Now I must tell of the famous Wolf of Gubbio. It is told that one day St. Francis and a brother came to a little village called Gubbio. This village had a wall around it and a gate and all of the people were huddled inside the walls. "Oh good brothers," said the people. "Do you not know? There is a terrible wolf out in the fields." "Come," said St. Francis, "show me this wolf. I will help you." The people cried, "Oh, do not go near him. He is fierce and terrible. He will tear you to pieces as he has done with so many others." But St. Francis was not afraid. He went out into the fields where the villagers told hime the wolf was hiding. He was a great grizzly beast with eyes as fierce as coals as fire. The villagers screamed but St. Francis held out his hand kindly and spoke in his gentle voice. "Come here, Brother Wolf. You have done very wickedly. You have spread fear in the land so that all the people dread you." The wolf hung his head as if ashamed. "I will make an agreement with you if you promise to do better. The people in this village will feed you, then you will not need to rob and kill. Promise me, Brother Wolf, that if they will do this you will no longer harm them?" Then the wolf wagged his tail and raised his paw to put it into St. Francis' hand. St. Francis took his paw and held it. "Now, you have promised me that you will do this. Come with me into the village and make the same promise before the people." ~ Brother of the Birds, Louisa Meigs Green

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