Not Your Typical Catholic Wares

The Society of Saints was founded more by happy accident than a purpose-filled business plan.

10 years ago, I was racking my brain trying to find a Christmas gift for my mom. Her typical response is for us not to buy her any more "stuff". However I had on hand a few of my grandmother's old costume jewelry pieces. Knowing that none of us would wear them, I dissembled the necklaces and created for her a rosary. The idea was it would bring her happy thoughts about her own mother whenever she held it to pray. She loved it, and bonus, I enjoyed making it. I love the tactile feeling of old beads, their uniqueness, and their look of days past. Plus all the history vintage beads bring to an already heavily loaded item such as a rosary.  l search flea markets, estate sales, farmers markets, rummage sales, for old costume jewelry to repurpose, as well as, medals and crucifixes to make into chaplets, rosaries, and Catholic inspired jewelry. 

And as much as I enjoy creating hand crafted items I am still an illustrator and painter at heart, and I find vintage prayer cards quite fascinating. Tiny  works of art which people can carry around with them anywhere for reflection and enjoyment. To me, the cards printed today have lost their appeal and uniqueness due to mass production and overuse of generic imagery. Therefore it was a no brainer that I would to create my own. I thought there might be an audience that would, like me, enjoy a newer variety of prayer cards that have an updated, unfussy, and modern illustrative style.

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